Thursday, February 27, 2014

iPod is not dead yet

If you thought iPod is too old to have at last one more update than you were wrong. It seems like Apple is thinking about updating again our loved iPod. Though many device sellers have been thinking that iPod is no longer alive, Apple does not agree.
The company has new jobs posted on its own website. Apple is looking for people to fill in some position that have direct connection to iPod. Among these positions I would like to mention the New Product Operations Program Manager - iPod, Technical Program Manager - iPod and Product Quality Engineer - iPod. I guess we will soon see what the plans the company has with iPod are.

Could it last longer?
Apple is supposed to launch a new iPod sometime this year, though the updated are not great. iPod Nano has only gained a new color: grey and some shuffle lines few months ago. An update to the iPod Classic has not been made in four years. So our chances of seeing any update to it seem to be quite small.
Since 2001 Apple has launched media players. Though since 2008 sales have been decreasing severely because of iPhone gaining more and more popularity. Right now, sales fall like 52% per year for iPod. They look like only six million for the last three months on 2013.
Tim Cook said that it became obvious for a time that iPod was declining as business.
The only thing left to do is wait and see what Apple is planning to do with iPod later this year.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Night mode or should I say Eclipse for your iDevice

The new iOS 7 has a nice and slick look but when it comes to take a look at your phone when you are in a dark area this could be annoying because that bright and lightened background are eye tiring. Some will try the well-known f.lux but this is not enough for some. But what if there were a tweak that will darken any system UI. Well there is such a tweak and it’s called Eclipse. This tweak is only for iOS 7.

In this change are also included stock apps like Mail, Messages, App Store, Clock and many more on which you will see this nice dark look. The installation of Eclipse is simple. This tweak can be downloaded from Cydia in the BigBoss repo for only $0.99. After installation you will find that the settings for this tweak are simple. It has a toggle to enable and disable this tweak, a toggle for Darken Wallpapers, Orange Tint toggle and another toggle which is experimental but usable called Darken UIViews. Is it worth spending $0.99.